Shamanic Healing

Benefits of Shamanic Energy Medicine



Shamans all over the world believe that all illness has an

energetic origin, which is based in some trauma that the

patient has experienced. The trauma energetically imprints

that person and if left unhealed can develop into a chronic

emotional, mental or physical condition. They heal the

energetic origins of illness, so the imprint of trauma no longer

informs our reality or health and we can return to a state

of balance.


Gain control of your life

Move on from trauma or relationships

Consciousness expansion

Overcoming unwanted repetitive behavior or belief patterns i.e. anger ,low self-esteem, fearfulness

Shedding adult legacies from negative birth and childhood experiences

Better emotional, psychological and physical health.

by Mauro Reategui

The Great Council of the Grandmothers say – “There is a latent spark within each being, and it is the spark that our initiation ignites. The spark turns to flame as each one’s essence, which had until that moment lain dormant within them, ignites. This is the purpose of our empowerment. After receiving the empowerment, each person will begin to bloom in her and his own way. They will bloom as the flower that they are and have always been. And every flower is different in the garden.”