Spirit Release

Healing beyond the grave/ spirit release/ psycho pomp (guide of souls)


Sometimes after a fearful or sudden death like a deadly accident, suicide or if there are unresolved issues a loved one may find it hard to disconnect completely from the body.
In some of these cases the soul of the dead person may not come to terms with its new reality, be unable to move on and remains earth bound.

The Anam Aire – the soul carer reminds them of their final resting place in the arms of mercy and bliss and has the compassionate skills to ease the confusion and fearfulness and will assist them to the light, so it may find its release more and more into infinity.

‘Loosen my arms and let me fly

Straight into the arms of the throat of God.
And be the bird
That sings a love song to your beauty.
Close down my eyes and let me touch
All creation with your love
So I can only see with kindness and mercy.
Zip up my ears so I am deaf
And let my inner ear awaken to your breath.
Pour out the old wine from my heart
And fill my empty glass with your compassion.
Distract me wildly with your heart’s drumming
And let me fall right off my path and become the way.
Open wide my book of understanding
And tear out every reason why I might love you.
Feed not my soul with wholesome rice
But sweet honeyed spice
That falls like healing from your eyelids ,
Phillida Anam-Aire