Nature Wisdom Teachings & Healings in the Inca Tradition

Release within you that which no longer serves you and transform the heavy energies in your system to light and move forward to a life of peace.

Break through your issues and move forward
Expand your consciousness
Move on from trauma and relationships
Overcome unwanted repetitive belief patterns I.e.: anger, low self-esteem, fearfulness
Shed negative birth and childhood experiences
Gain better physical and psychological health

My Path as A Paco:
The Q’ero mystics are mystics.
Andeans are born into the world that they believe is as conscious of them as they are of it.. “the
great message of the Andes with respect to humanity ,” claims Americo Yabar , “ is our
approximation of spirit with nature, with pachamama , the wind ,sun and stars. Is the constant
invitation of the Andean world – the world is populated by spirit , “This invitation toward
consciousness of a living cosmos should be accepted by all people, he says ,because “ there are
no better teachers than life and the spirits of nature, for theirs is an open language. Through them
we become aware of how entrapped we are by our rational minds. Through them we can also
become aware that every decision is one of feeling, speaking and moving on this planet with

Q’ero trained Americo Yabar says in Joan Parisi Wilcox book “: the Q’ero live up where the
rains begin.they live in the ravines , where the pumas also live. They live where the children
grow up enfolded with natural, cosmic vision.” Cesar Calvo describes in his books written in the
1980ties that to this day the Q’ero dress like Inka , converse like Inka ,and live like Inkas. They
until today retain their reputation as keepers of the ancient ways. The Q’ero mystics are the most
respected pacos , or practitioners , of the Andean mystical path. Pacos from all over Cuzco even
though they have been initiated by teachers from their own region and lineage, still journey to
Q,ero to receive the Karpays – the initiation rites – from the Q’ero elders.

I have been intitiated into the Hatun Karpay by Juan and Ivan Nunez del Prado in 2016 and
2018 in Peru and joined the 2 year Global Paco school 2021 with Elizabeth Jenkins and 12
Q,ero Elders Kureq Akulleqs (master shaman/andean mystics) Don Martin Q,espi , Don
Lorenzo Ccapa Apaza, Dona Zenobia Cruz Condori, Dona Juliana Apaza Flores , Don
Humberto Sonqo Q,espi ,Dona Marcosa Sonqo, Don Ricardo Apapaza Flores, Dona Rosita
Apaza Flores ,Dona Augustina Apaza Flores , Don Francisco Apaza Don Juan Apaza , Dona
Monica Q,erspi Flores and Fredy Condor. In this training i received karpay ayni and the Mosoq
Karpay, Nusta Karpay and Hatun Karpay,Coca Karpay and the teacher Karpay. (Karpay means
Initiation, Empowernment)