Bio Energy Healing

What is Bio Energy healing

Ancient cultures understood that everything in the physical world including the bodies we inhabit, was a manifestation of energy moving in  ordered and precise patterns. We in the west are only starting to understand this information.

Energy is a vibration of electrical activity. It is natural force that flows through all humans, animals and plant life and 98 % of what appears to be solid mass is actually empty space made up of tiny molecules and atoms that our human eyes cannot see. These molecules and atoms vibrate and radiate a natural energy. Thus this empty space is actually brimming with intelligent natural energy and when this relates to the human body we call it Bio- Energy.

Many great philosophers have spoken of and used energy: Einstein Stahl and Newton, to name but a few.
They recognized that there is a flow of energy through our Universe and spent many years  trying to prove its existence. With the advancement of science and new techniques we are able to begin to measure and even photograph this energy. The W.H.O. recognized its existence and in 1979 documented their acceptance of acupuncture as a valid medical technique. In Bio- Energy Therapy we are working with this flow of energy through the human body which we call the aura .Because of its electrical nature it radiates beyond the surface of the body. The auric field has 7 layers and 7 chakras.

Chakras are wheels of light spinning in clockwise direction. They are swirling vortexes of energy which appear to suck or entrain energy from the universal energy field ,send it along the energy rivers to the nervous system, the endocrine glands and then the blood to nourish  and vitalise the body . It is important to open the chakras  and increase our energy flow because the more energy flows the healthier we are.


Illness in the system is caused by an imbalance of energy or a blocking of the flow of energy. In other words a lack of flow of energy eventually leads to disease. The mental, emotional  and spiritual aspects of our lives can also be affected. For example when one’s heart chakra is functioning well  one is very good at loving. When the first chakra is functioning healthfully one usually has a strong will to live and is connected well to the ground. This is a person who is very grounded in his life. Physical trauma such as a fall or accident, wrong diet or emotional trauma such as bereavement, relationship problems or stress  can cause the energy to be stagnant or blocked. When the mind is calm and clear, the body’s energies are undisturbed and free-flowing. When the mind is stressed, the body’s  energy will be in turn be disturbed.
Bio-Energy Therapy is a network of powerful and effective healing techniques, which work by re balancing the life-force energy within and around the body.

The aura is scanned and manipulated by the therapist. Blockages are being released through a series of hand movements  without touching the body. Heat ,coolness, tingling or pulling sensations can be experienced along with a feeling of calm ,peace and relaxation. The aim of the treatment is to rebuild the energy blueprint in and around the body so that the physical body can then heal itself. The immune system is kick-started. Bio-Energy Healing also urges people to take control and responsibility for their own life and health through changes of lifestyle and diet.

The Great Council of Grandmothers Say – “In order to confirm woman from within herself and awaken man to the comforting presence within himself, the Great Council of the Grandmothers has come. Each Grandmother is unique in her power and being yet all are as One in this purpose : to restore Yin, the feminine energy, to full beauty /power so that the world may once again come into balance. We will empower woman and comfort men, awakening them both to the feminine principle.”