One to One Healing

any shock to our soul , body and mind can cause a piece of our vital soul essence to split. This is an automatic mechanism to safe our soul. any shock i.e birth trauma , difficult upbringing, abuse, grief, illness, medical operations, accidents, car accidents. These parts of our soul can sometimes still be on the road or on the operation table . In the case of difficult upbringing they can be under the house or even in the stars. Signs of soul loss can be depression, loss of power, feelings of loneliness even if you are not. Feelings of being outside of yourself.

In a typical session I offer:
1.A cleansing of heavy energies, empowerment and healing with my MICHA MEDICINE
2.Hampi haywariqui ( healing despacho ) and connection with your pacarina and Itu Apu
3.Animo Waq’hay (Soul retrieval )
4.Healing of the ancestors and departed souls.

Misha means ‘ marked’ by the apus or’ signal’ because in former times pacos were called by lightning strike.The micha is alive it is the nucleus of the sacred space, it is the essence between us and the nature beings,a bundle full of power to help ourselves and serve the community. It is the most important ritualistic item in the andean spiritual path envoking the equilibrium for health,relationships,abundance, cleansing, healing and empowernment . The khuyas ( khuyay :love ,forgiveness ,compassion.) are the physical representation of the nature beings in my micha, the source of power.
The micha is created by pilgramages with haywariquis allying 12 local nature beings in a sacred relationship and receiving the khuyas as a gift in ayni from those nature beings .(sacred mountains,lakes,valleys in Ireland and Peru. ) the khuyas hold all of the nectar, the healing power and wisdom of those nature being.

• I start the healing with the wachariqui (the calling) which is the invocation to all the nature beings to ask permission to receive their sami, their light living energy,HEALING blessing and wisdom .
• heavy energy (hoocha) in your bubble is dispersed and replaced with sami( Nektar): light living energy,healing and power from my Irish and Andean nature being team: mountains ,waters, pachamama, wind, father cosmos, sun,moon,stars ,rainbow etc
• The world of living energy ,the kawsay paicha, the world of nature is alive and responsive and the cosmos is a vibrating field of pure energy .Andeans recognize 2 fundamental types of energy : sami, refined energy; and hoocha, heavy energy. Heavy energy is produced only by human beings. We each are in constant interchange with these energies, in reciprocal relationship with the kawsay pacha called Ayni.
• ANIMO WAQ’HAY ( soul retrieval )
• Haywariquis( Despacho) : offering from your own hand.

In my healing sessions i connect the client with their Itu Apu ( nature father) and Pacarina which are the water being and mountain closest to your hospital where you were born. The Q’ero say that where you were born is no accident. The Itu Apu and Pacarina are vital source of power, guidance, love and healing. the Great Q’ero Master Don Umberto cried when he realised that most of us are not connected.
Actually most of the indigenous peoples all over the world have a very close and sacred relationship with their Itu Apu and Pacarina

In the Andes, the Kawsay Pacha is dominated by2 primary spirit energies: Pachamama and the Apus: Pachamama , the Earth , is the first Mother , the true Mother ,our Spirit Mother. From her we have all been given form and substance . For example before any food is eaten or liquid drunk a portion is offered to the Earth Mother in Ayni. Every day Andeans perform countless acts of thanksgiving to Pachamama and Pachamama bestows her gifts.
Ayni is also a guiding moral principle , similar to the Christian Concept “ do unto others as you would have them do unto you .”

An Apu, a mountain is a sacred being a lord that not only gives presence to the physical mountain but also conrtols the dialogue with the pacos who are in service to it. It is through the Apus that the Pacos receive wisdom, counsel, and healing knowledge .An Apu calls upon an Andean Paco, offering to be his master, only when the Apu itself has determined that the paqo’s command of his personal energy is comesurate with the Apus own power. The Apu calls you in a dream and often comes in a white dress as a human
I have been called by the highest mountain of Ireland Carrauntoohil in a dream. I have received the khuyas in my micha mama k’epi (motherbundle of light ) on pilgramages to local irish sacred sites ,local irish mountains ,holy wells , ocean and rivers and also sacred places fom the sacred valley in Peru i.e. Machu Picchu . The Khuyas (healing stones of love) in my micha are the callers and the chanellers of these powerfull nature beings . In my healing sessions they clean and eat the hoocha (heavy energy) of a client and they fill them with new power, love healing and balance.

Animo Waq’hay is the Andean practise for Soul Retrieval. With the help of the nature beings and power animals a soul fragment is lovingly healed and called back and reintegrated with the body of the client to be complete again. In the Andean tradition pacos are called after every shock accident, illness or trauma a child encounters.Even after a birth the mother and the baby receive an Animo Waq’hay(soul retrieval) to make sure that they don’t suffer from a lasting birth shock. This is why the bubbles of the Q’ero are so light and pure.

My aim is to serve the community.To help you how to empower yourself by teaching you how to build a Haywariqui a sacred offering with your own hand to be in Ayni with nature , your loved once, your work and your life. Mother Nature povides, everything in our house is made from Nature. With the act of sacred reciprocity ( Haywaiqui,