Hatun Karpay

Introduction to the Hatun Karpay

the Great Initiation

Andean Spirituality


Karpay Ayni initiation into the Fourth Level ,

Nawi Kichay-Chumpy Away Ritual opening and activating the seven Inka eyes

Misha Chakuy ritual lineage stone initiation connecting to the lineage of the 4th level teachers and Huascar Inca King and much more

Dear brothers and sisters

A 2 day experience of initiations and Andean Spirituality of the Inca tradition

What is the Hatun Karpay :

The Hatun Karpay means “ the Great Initiation.”this journey is a cycle of initiations and rites to help you train your spirituality and help you to discover and develop your personal power and potential. It is a spiritual journey to the sacred sites of Peru to receive initiations that have been practiced by the Incas for many centuries and passed on from teacher to student. This Hatun Karpay was passed on to Juan Nunez del Prado by Don Benito Qoriwaman from Wasao who was a famous master and spiritual teacher of the Inca tradition.

In 2016 and 2018 I received the Hatun Karpay training right side and left side from Juan and Ivan Nunez Del Prado . This epic journey led us to many powerful places and temples for example Pisaq, Ollantaytambo, Saqsaywaman and Machu Picchu.

Juan and Ivan Nunez Del Prado

Juan is regarded as one of the foremost experts in the world of the Andean Mystical tradition, the Inka and the Q’ero Indians of Peru .He is an Anthropologist, Mystic and past University Professor. His father Oscar ‘discovered’ the Q’ero , the last descendants of the Inca in !949. Since 2005 , Juan has worked together with his son , Ivan who has been a student of the Andean Path since seven years old , being initiated in Q’olloriti , one of the most powerful sacred sites in the Andes . ( it is said that you can never be a powerful Paq’o until you have ‘presented yourself ‘ to Lord Q’olloriti at least once. ) Working as a team , they model the powerful Inca concept of Yanantin ,the harmonious relationship of different elements.

Juan Nunez Del Prado says :

In the Andes it is believed that you are born with an Inca Seed , a seed of personal power that is waiting to be awakened , fed and nurtured . An initiatory experience provides the tools for birthing and sprouting of the seed , an opportunity to move your spirituality from something abstract to something that is ‘real’ as you learn the energetic practices and apply them into your life.

Through the involvement in the Andean practices you are changed from a being someone who has forgotten yourself to someone who remembers. You are being called to participate in a great initiation or Hatun Karpay as they say in the Andes.

Indigenous people have the wisdom for which Westerners are longing. The Hatun Karpay initiation makes this wisdom accessible by waking up your personal potential , leading you into a richer , deeper experience of your life . As transitions and challenges present themselves , you move more gracefully towards your authentic self, setting a trajectory alignment with your values through clarity and appreciation for your own personal power and the life that is in front of you .

The Hatun Karpay offers practical tools for interacting with nature understanding its relevants in your life and experiencing your place in the world. The Hatun Karpay initiatory experience has been practised for hundreds of years in the Andes by the Q’ero Indians , the direct descendants of the Inca and the prophets and visionaries of the Andes. They are considered to be the keepers of ancient wisdom of the Inka and of the Inka prophecies.


The Light the Spark Andean Spirituality course

Introduction to the Hatun Karpay

Workshop Itenary:


  1. SAMINCHAKUY living energy of the cosmos , SAYWACHAKUY living energy of the earth. Learn how to empower your bubble with light energy and transform your heavy energy in your system to light.
  2. Touch the moment of conception and the moment of your death. This will lead you to life’s mystery , letting go of fear and connecting with your heart .
  3. DESPACHO offerings to the 12 sacred mountains of Peru and the sacred mountain of Ireland to the Wind and the Sun .
  4. Experience the MICHA CHAKUY RITUAL connecting you to the spiritual line of the 4TH LEVEL in the Andean Tradition.
  5. Receive the QUARPAY AYNI initiation into the 4th LEVEL which will power your personal development
  7. Despacho offering to the Water


  1. Experience exercises which open the heart centre, circulate energy into the group , steadily growing the energy of the heart.
  2. Strengthen your seven powers , culminating with the force of the AMARU , the most basic power of the earth ,the serpent power of the Andean tradition.
  3. Learn how to make your own Despacho offering
  4. NAWI KICHAY-CHUMPI AWAY RITUAL of opening and activating the energetic centres; a ritual releasing all ties to energies that are not yours ; cutting cords and giving back that is no longer needed. Open the ‘eyes ‘ of perception in your energy bubble and connect with the energies of water, earth ,sun and wind .
  5. Choose and deepen your relationship with your spirit guides, who assist you in developing power in different areas of your life and will lend their qualities to enhance your power to see ,speak ,feel ,move and act authentically.
  6. Empower your Inca seed with Water Earth, Sun and Air to flower with joy.

Saturday 9am till 7pm :

This day will end with a DESPACHO offering ceremony to the waters of Ireland and we should hopefully be finished at 7 pm .

On the Sunday we start at 9.30 and finish by about 5pm.

Please bring your sacred tools : medicine bags ,mesas , crystals .

Tea , Water and light snacks will be provided.

I am so looking forward to sitting with you in circle


Investment 250e , deposit 50e



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