I grew up in Germany as a post war child .The loss of my twin sister four days after birth and
having a mum who was not able to express love, I ended up with very little self-worth .Having
worked as a bookbinder by trade all my life, 7 years of that in London, I moved over to Ireland in

1996, where I started up a hand bookbindery which became very successful.
But somehow deep inside I had a lifelong sense of sadness, relationship problems, underlying
sense of emptiness and loneliness. Looking back over my life I was trying to be utterly
connected again as I had been in the womb with Angelika my twin sister, floating around in a
primal bliss of oneness. The problem was that I had spent so many years looking on the outside
for something that could only be found on the inside. Through the path of shamanism, healing
and new knowledge my focus has finally shifted and I am on a new journey.

In 2003 I met my first shamanic teacher Paul O’Halloran. He came to clear our house. It turned
out that the deceased Lady who lived in the cottage before hand was earth bound and had not
fully passed over. I never forget the love and peaceful energy which filled the house when Paul
healed her and helped her to go. I was fascinated and wanted to find out more.
Shortly after that I took part in my first shamanic workshop with Paul. That’s how my journey of
self-discovery and healing began. I had a huge desire to become whole and to heal my soul
wounds. The path of the Healer is the path of the wounded healer to transform pain, anger and
depression into strength, compassion and inner light. My journey took me through three
Medicine Wheels and recently to Peru where I worked with many shamans and mystics in the

Sacred Valley and the Jungle.
Barbara is a Misha Carrier

The micha is alive, it is the centre of the sacred space, it is the essence between us and
the nature beings, a bundle full of power to help ourselves and serve the community. It
is the most important ritualistic item in the Andean spiritual path envoking the
equilibrium for health, relationships, abundance, cleansing, healing and empowerment.
The khuyas (khuyay: love, forgiveness, compassion.) are the physical representation of

the nature

Barbara has worked and studied for many years with renowned shamanic teachers in Ireland,
England and Peru; Paul O’Halloran Martin Duffy, John Cantwell, David Leesley, Elisa Vargas
(Pucallpa, Peru) and Juan and Ivan Nunez del Prado, from Cuzco.Don Humberto Sonqo Q’espi
and Don Martin Q’espi Machaqa and Dona Maria Apaza from Q’ero. She has done three

Medicine Wheels

2016 and 2818 she has been initiated in Peru into the Hatun Karpay, the Phania right side and the
Lloque left side by Juan and Ivan Nunez del Prado in Peru.Juan and Ivan is the foremost experts
in the world of the Andean Mystical Tradition and the Q’ero Indians in Peru. Indigenous peoples
have a wisdom that westerners are longing for. The Hatun Karpay makes this wisdom accessible
by waking up your personal potential leading you into a deeper and richer experience of your
life. As an anthropologist, mystic and past university professor Juan is one of the most important

spiritual figures in South America.

The Hatun Karpay initiation experience has been practiced for hundreds of years in the Andes by
the Q’ero Indians, the direct descendants of the Inka. They are considered to be the keepers of the Ancient Wisdom of the Inka.

Global Paco school 2021 and 2022 intensive weekly 2 year online training in Q’ero Inka
Shamanism: Most recently Barbara is studying with Elizabeth Jenkins and 12 Q’ero masters
from the Q’ero nation Don Martin Q’espi Machaca, Don Lorenzo Ccapa Apaza, Don Humberto
Sonqo Q’espi, Dona Manuela Sonqo Apaza, Dona Marcosa Flores Paucar, Dona Zenobia Cruz
Condori, Don Francisco, Don Juan, Don Ricardo, Dona Augustina Apaza Flores, Dona Monica
Q’espi Flores, Dona Rosita Apaza Flores. The goal of this Global Paco school is the re-
sacralizing of our human relationship to Nature. All nature is alive and aware, with us as part and
parcel of a glorious world of living energies. The Q’ero teach us to form direct, personal and
intimate relationships of sacred exchange with the very essence of Mother Nature. We are taught
how to bathe in her healing nectars to become whole, full human beings, capable to
communicate directly with Nature and maintain a sacred harmony of gratitude.

Certified courses and workshops attended by Barbara include:
2003 Earth and Space Clearing with Paul O’Halloran
2004 Earth Healing and Space clearing with David Furlong

2005 – 2006 Bio Energy Therapy Course with the Plexus European Institute of Bio Energy
2007 the Shamanic Practitioner Course at the Irish centre for Shamanic Studies Dunderry Park,

Director and teacher Martin Duffy

2007 Shamanic Breath Work Irish centre of shamanic Studies (www.shamanismireland.com)
2009 -2010 Medicine Spiral with Sli an Chroi Shamanism (www.Slianchroi.ie) Teachers John

Cantwell and Karen Ward

20010 – 2011 Healer spiral with Sli an Chroi Shamanism
(www.Slianchroi.ie) Teachers John Cantwell and Karen Ward
2010 The Goddess rites with Q’ero Dona Maria Apaza

2010 Gathering of the Grandmothers with Sharon Mc Kerlane (www.grandmothers speak.com)

2011 Munay-ki (rites of consciousness) with Raj Padam , Cork
2012/13 Advanced Shamanic Practitioners Course with Paul O’Halloran


2014 Trip to Peru with facilitator Mary Sky working with Inka Q’ero Don Basilio in the Sacred

Valley and shaman Elisa Vargas in the jungle.

2016 and 2018 Hatun Karpay with Juan an Ivan Nunez Del Prado in Peru
2020 and 2021 Rahanni celestial healing practitioners and teachers with Melanie O’Halloran-


2021 and 2022 Global Paco School www.elizabethbjenkins.com