The Great Council of the Grandmothers

Shamanic circle



At Dervish, Cornmaket Street, Cork, 7-9pm




1. Meditations with the Great Council of Grandmothers and the Net of Light balancing the Yin and the Yang in us and the world

2. Shamanic journey with the drum to the Grandmothers, our Spirit Guides and Power Animals and ask for guidance how to move forward and ask for healing

3. Transmission of the sacred gift from the Grandmothers the Caul for women and the Cloak of Comfort to men

4. Listen to messages Sharon McErlane has received from the grandmothers

5. In this Sacred Shamanic Circle we have the opportunity to meet like minded people , send healing to the world through the Net of Light to ask spirit for guidance how to move forward to come into our own beauty/power

When the grandmothers are heard the world will heal Hopi Prophecy

We have come to bring you joy you cannot begin to imagine. Step into beauty ,love and good feeling,the Grandmothers say. Take your place on the Net of Light and hold the golden light steady. As you do, you yourself will heal and you will heal your beloved planet.

“you have been taught that the earth is inert matter. And you’ve been told that you ‘re unworthy ,told you are not enough. Non of this is true ! “ they said : “The earth is alive! You are enough ! You are worthy! And what’s more you have a job to do! It’s time to reconnect Mother Earth with the Net of Light ! Earth herself is sacred and so too are you. You are here at this time to be a link pin, a conduit for the Divine.”


we are the Great Council of Grandmothers, we have come because Earth has suffered too long from an excess of yang and insufficient yin. It is time to return to balance and for this woman must lead. We ask you to work with the Net of Night because the net of light will hold the earth steady during the times of change that are upon us, this is the net of light that will hold the earth as the energies of yin and yang come back into balance

Who are the Great Council of Grandmothers?

The Grandmothers is a form of the divine that have appeared to Sharon McErlane in 1996 at a walk with her dog at Laguna Beach. The 12 women looked like tribal women in all shapes and sizes and said they have come to correct the imbalance of yin and yang on our planet and awaken woman and men to the energy of what they call the deep feminine .Their purpose is to bring women and men, yin and yang into balance with one another. They transmitted a sacred gift to Sharon what they call the Caul. They said: This Caul is formed of a substance like light, but more than light. It will begin to heal and nourish you soaking through the cells and organs aligning all of your parts together and the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects will receive what they need.

When a woman awakens to the beauty/power within her she will bloom as the flower she has been and will always be

With culture so long dominated by yang, the principle of masculine energy , yin , the principle of feminine energy , has become deficient and weak. Woman is cut off from her own sense of power and purpose, which comprise her beauty, and feeling this lack, she seeks outer confirmation of her identity and worth. Woman spend inordinate amounts of time and money in order to be confirmed from without. No matter how many ‘confirmations ‘ of her beauty power and purpose , she receives, yet she feels the lack. This is because feminine energy cannot be conferred from the outside . Yin is. It exists for its own sake. In order to confirm woman from within herself and awaken man to the comforting presence within himself, the Great Council of the Grandmothers has come. Each Grandmother is unique in her power and being and yet all are One in this purpose – to restore yin , the feminine energy ,to full beauty/power so that the world may once again come into balance. We will empower women and comfort men ,awakening them both to the feminine principle.“

Sharon has been sharing the grandmothers messages and the Caul ever since , hosting gatherings all over the world and has written 2 books

It is recommended to look up her website prior to attending the circle

All welcome Donation 10e


The Great Council of Grandmothers Say – “do not waste time looking outside yourselves for what you think you need . Turn your awareness instead to the source of power that lies within you. We promise that when you begin to seek inside yourselves, you will find that power and beauty do go together. Beauty and power spring from within and have to do with blooming as the flower that you are rather than striving from to do , or to impress. It is natural to embrace the power of the Feminine principle and it is this embrace that allows you to fully express your nature.”